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Insight into searching for a Fell Pony.  By Kimberly Dunn



Pony Selling Tips & Advice

October 2021

Submitted by Elise Miller of Moonlit Fell Pony Farm in Snohomish, Washington.  Elise has been involved with the Fell Pony breed since 2004 and started breeding/selling in 2006. She is a lower level dressage rider, novice driver, and casual trail rider.  Elise manages a Fell pony sales and events Facebook page for the North American community.

The Fell Pony Connection asked Elise some questions regarding selling ponies.  Here is what she had to say.

FC:  What are the 3 most important components when selling a pony?

Elise:  1. The pony's temperament is properly matched with the buyer.

2. The buyer is not new to horses/ponies. These ponies need to be with people that understand good horsemanship and have horse experience.

3. Buyer's have read about and studied the Fell Pony history, and understand their temperament, work ethic and trainability.

FC:  What is your perspective on the best ways to reach potential buyers for a pony?

Elise:  Present the pony for who they are and where they are at in their training. Advertising on Equinenow and Dreamhorse is most effective for serious buyers. Too many dreamers on Facebook.  I have better luck with serious buyers on Dreamhorse and Equinenow. Facebook is great to network, but definitely a lot of looky loos. I do have a business facebook page, but rarely use it.

FC:  Any tips, advice with regard to sale photos, videos, and describing a sale pony? Please share some of the 'do nots' as well as the 'do's'.

Elise:  Good conformation photos are a must! A cleaned up pony is important as well, so one is not distracted with messiness. Showing examples of where they are at in their training is good. Videos of movement is also important. I would rather not sell a "possible match" if the buyer is not willing to put in the proper time, energy and resources in understanding the pony. Relationships take time.

FC:  Any insights you can share about screening inquiries and buyers for the purpose of optimizing a solid sale as well as a suitable home for the pony?

Elise:  Observing people on Facebook is always good. See if they are working with a trainer. Get farrier and vet references. Ask what they are looking for and why? As a breeder, you should know your stock and home them to the best possible appropriate home. Not every buyer is a good match.

FC:  With regard to FB posts on your page, what are your suggestions in making a post that stands out best? Feel free to share common mistakes to avoid.

Elise:  Clean and neat photos that capture good conformation, a good and willing temperament, and also proper usability. Where does this pony shine most? What type of buyer would be most suitable? Capture and represent the strong points, but don't disregard their weaknesses either.

FC:  What are the best ways to determine price/value of a pony?

Elise:  Age, conformation, bloodlines, temperament and level of training are the most important components when pricing.

FC:  Any good advice, insight, or thoughts for sellers of ponies who are getting overlooked and been on the market longer than normal?

Elise:  Try something different. Stop doing the same things. Hire professional help if needed, ie photos and training.

Elise with her pony

Newfarm Apple Blossom.

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