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Fell Pony Connection - Pony Sales Listing

Category Listing: DEFINITIONS… indicate below where you would like your pony listed.  ONE Category only please

Fell Pony foals Coming Soon:  list the foals you are expecting - before foals arrive - let people know what foals you will be selling when they are born!

Fell Pony Youngstock:  colt or filly under 4 years of age

Fell Ponies Under Saddle:  a pony of any sex or age that is started under saddle or driving training

Fell Pony Breeding Stock:  a mare or stallion that is primarily used for breeding stock, they may be trained and that can be indicated on the description area

Fell Pony Crosses:  any age or training level of a Fell Pony crossbred.  Must be at least 50% Fell pony 


All listings will be reviewed and listed on Fell Pony Connection website within 3 business days of your submission. Please use your pony's FULL registered name so their pedigree can be research by a potential buyer 

Please inform the Fell Pony Connection when your pony is sold. The listing will stay up for one year with a SOLD banner placed on your ad.

PONY SALE PHOTO - Please attach a URL to the image you would like as your directory photo. Need help? Click here.

Pony Sales Listing Form:
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