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A Cowy Fell Pony?!!

Why yes, the Fell pony attributes lend very well to cow and ranch type work. The majority of Fell ponies hold this interesting mix: calmness & confidence with agility & drive. Most Fell ponies today are still genetically connected to their ancestors who were raised and lived in herds on open land. This lends to the natural talent of herding, moving, blocking, and driving we see in a cowy type horse. The Fell pony is typically calm and can be very chill, but not checked out or dull. They have great ability to pay attention to movement and easily learn how to direct and guide the movement of another.

With regard to versatility, as with Bess showing great cowy traits, she shows ability to stabilize herself, be calm and thoughtful for the benefit of working with a young horse. Fell ponies not only do well in a variety of tasks, they seem to cognitively crave it.

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