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The Buxmont Riding Club, in Tylersport PA, holds 2 Driving shows annually and we continue to adore the crowds with our Chappelow's Reserve Porter, a 4 year old gelding. He was rock solid throughout a rainy day, never skipping a beat. We took two seconds in the two different cones courses, a first in 'Gentlemen to Drive' class. Reinsmanship and Working were my fault for not getting the right gates in tune, which I would love to blame on the rain, but in all honesty, I missed what the caller was asking for. Turnout was a solid 3rd, but 1st and 2nd were so solid (and much better looking than me). We're looking for our next project, preferably a 2-3 year old black gelding, who's ready to get to work.

Submitted by: Mike Pontz 609-221-7250

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