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North American Fell Pony Breeding Trivia

Based on registrations, North American breeders produced roughly 30 foals in 2022. As we approach the 2023 foaling season, we would like to take a moment and congratulate the new contributors to the North American Fell Pony gene pool in 2022.

Mares That Produced Their First North American Born Foal in 2022

(Foal names following their dams.)

Willowtrail Josie Moonlit Celeste

Dreamhayven Aphrodite Dreamhayven Bond Girl

Allswell Zara Fiddlehead Catalina

Braeberry Sierra Jane Rainyoak Cascade Cassandra

Felllegend Scarlett Braeberry Sir Percy of Pimpernel

Drycreek Heidi Drycreek Bethany

Greenholme Hi-De-Hi Cumberland Moneypenny

Stallion’s Who Had Their First North American Foal Crop in 2022

(Foal names following their sire.)

Hardenberg Griffen Stonedragon Magic Bard

Stonedragon Black Gem

In addition, we wanted to note the three oldest breeding contributors in North America for 2022 and the foal(s) born to them.

Ludworth Misty Melody, born in 1999 birthed Dakotafell Foxglove.

Lunesdale Shamrock, born 2001 and birthed Dragonflyacres Tanna Moriquen.

Townend Maydawn, born in 2001 and birthed Dakotafell Jubilee Dene.

Hardendale Henry, born in 2001 and sired Dakotafell Foxglove and Garrighyll Winona Storm.

Ralfland Ranger, born in 2001 and sired Lastdime Knight Ranger.

Photo is Ludworth Misty Melody

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