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Updated: Feb 4, 2023

The Fell Pony Society and Conservancy of the Americas (FPSCA)

There is no doubt, Fell ponies in North America are rare, thus making it challenging to find one. Even more challenging is finding a FPS sanctioned show in North America. One organization, The Fell pony Society and Conservancy of the Americas via its co-founder Victoria Tollman is gearing up with enthusiasm in producing a FPS sanctioned show in June of 2024.

FPSCA is a UK FPS authorized overseas support group having been involved in Fell pony education, promotion, and general support for the Fell pony owner and breeders in North America since 1999. The upcoming 2024 show is planned to take place in Lexington, VA and will be the 4th continental FPS sanctioned show organized by Victoria via FPSCA. The first show took place in 2003 with UK judge Clive Richardson author of the book ‘The Fell Pony’. The upcoming 2024 continental/nationals show will be supported under the umbrella of the Equus Survival Trust and will include a UK Fell Pony judge, Fell pony classes, information booth and demos.

FPSCA is a non-membership type 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization with a governing body that is open to the public. It relies on volunteers and donations in order to provide support and education to the Fell pony community. Victoria states the most notable features of FPSCA are the, “collective knowledge of the breed and of its history in North America, our networking abilities, and our willingness to support the breed and its community regardless of people’s affiliations”.

Being one of the earlier breeders (Broughhill prefix) in the first decade of the current millennium, a time when very few people knew about Fell ponies, Victoria was personally involved in supporting the breed by loosely trying to connect breeders and owners. Her efforts formed the conservancy and she created/published the ‘Fell Pony Journal’ for several years.

The Fell Pony Connection looks forward to this upcoming 2024 event in Virginia, hoping for the North American community to participate, volunteer and support in any way they can. We have included some photos from past sanctioned events.

Photo 1: Hardendale Black Jack, 2006 Breeds Barn Demo, Kentucky Horse Park, photo by Laura Hart.

Photo 2: Stallion, Midsummers Night at 2005 Kentucky Horse Park, photo by Victoria Tollman.

Photo 3: Rafland Dainty and Garrighyll Dainty's Damzel.

Photo 4: Stallion, Broughhill Hadrian's Wall, Brookside Pacific Coast Mountain & Moorland Show, photo by Rene Bender.

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