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Submitting a Photo or Video

to The Fell Pony Connection

You are welcome to submit a photo or video for consideration in The Fell Pony Connection's media collages which are updated frequently.

You must own the copyright for your image(s) and/or video(s). By submitting your photo or video you are agreeing that you are the owner of said copyright and are allowing The Fell Pony Connection to showcase your media.

Images and videos must be emailed for submission. 


  • Image file format must be .jpg

  • Images must be medium resolution

  • Please keep image sizes between 600 and 800px max

  • You may also send a link to your photo from an image hosting website such as Imgbb. Click here for instructions to do so. Please keep to the sizing guidelines (.jpg file, medium resolution, and 800px on longest side max)


  • Youtube link or Vimeo link submissions only

Keep in mind all submissions will be screened and may or may not be included in The Fell Pony Connections galleries.

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